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Idioms with “EGG”

Idioms with “EGG”


1. To be a bad/ good egg – to be a bad/ good person; да си добър/ лош човек

Examples: The owner of the local shop is a bad egg, he’s always trying to rip people off. Everyone loves Hellen, she’s a good egg because she is careful and heling.

*to rip people off: to steal from or cheat (someone)/ да крадеш или мамиш някого

2. To egg someone on – to encourage someone to do something, usually bad or wrong or dangerous; да окуражаваш някого да прави нещо лошо, неправилно или опасно

Example: Why did you egg Simon on to jump from tat cliff? He could have killed himself.

3. To have egg on one’s face – to be embarrassed by an error committed; да бъдеш засрамен, заради допусната грешка

Example:  You will have egg on your face if people find out you lied about this.  

4. To put all one’s eggs in one basket – to risk everything at once; да рискуваш всичко наведнъж

Example: Don’t invest in this all your savings that’s putting all your eggs in one basket. If the project fails, you will lose all your money.

5. To teach one’s grandmother to suck eggs – to try to tell someone who has more knowledge that you how to do something; да учиш някого на нещо, в което той има повече познания

Аналог: продавам краставици на краставичар

Example: Don’t tell her how to raise her kids, she’s got three of them. It’s like teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs.

6. To walk on eggshells – to be very cautious and careful around someone so that they don’t get angry; да си изключително внимателен, за да не ядосаш някого

Аналог: стъпвам на пръсти

Example: My mom is in a terrible mood today. I’m walking on eggshells, so she lets me go to the party tonight.