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7 idioms and expressions with “HOUR”

7 idioms and expressions with “HOUR”


after hours, the witching hour, happy hour, wee hours, long hours, the small hours, banker's hours

1. after hours

Explanation: after the regular closing time, any normal, or regular time

Превод: „прилично“ късно; за времето след работно време и изобщо след времето, което се определя като нормално

Example: The restaurant employees sometimes stayed for a meal after hours.


2. the witching hour

Explanation: 12 o'clock at night

Превод: полунощ

Example: It's time I was in bed - it's already past the witching hour.


3. happy hour

Explanation: the time when in restaurants, bars, bistros etc. have lower prices

Превод: „щастлив час“

Example: Let’s go to the pub after work they have a happy hour after 7 p.m.


4. wee hours

Explanation: the early hours of the morning right after midnight

Превод: часовете точно след полунощ

Example: "post-disco electronic rhythms that propel clubgoers into the wee hours" (Jon Pareles).


5. long hours

Explanation: a longer than usual or customary period of time for a given activity

Превод: дълги часове; когато отделяме повече време от обикновено за дадена дейност

Example: Timothy has worked long hours to finish the project on time.


6. the small hours

Explanation: the early hours of the morning

Превод: малките часове

Example: I was up till the small hours of Sunday morning finishing that book you gave me.


7. banker's hours

Explanation: short work hours: 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Превод: с работно време като банкер

Example: There aren't many bankers who keep banker's hours these days.