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10 идиома вдъхновени от идеята за пътуване

10 идиома вдъхновени от идеята за пътуване

10 travel-inspired idioms


Сезонът на пътуванията вече чука на врата. Подгответе езиковия си багаж с тези 10 идиома вдъхновени от идеята за пътуване.

1.       Push the boat out

Explanation: to spend a lot of money on something especially a celebration; пръскам пари

Example: As it's your birthday, I think we can push the boat out and have a bottle of champagne.

2.       In the same boat

Explanation: in the same difficult or unpleasant situation; в един кюп, на същото дередже

Example:   Tom: I'm broke. Can you lend me twenty dollars?

Bill: Sorry. I'm in the same boat

3.       Riding high

Explanation: to enjoy a period of success; наслаждавам се на успеха си за момента

Example: The Republican presidential candidate is still riding high in the polls.

4.       With flying colours

Explanation: to do something very successfully; правя нещо с голям успех

Example: John passed his geometry test with flying colors.

5.       When your ship comes in

Explanation: a time when you will have a good luck; когато дойде (твоя) час

Example: When my ship comes in, we'll live in one of these huge mansions on the hill.

6.       Plain sailing

Explanation: something easy to do or achieve; като по мед и масло

Example: The roads were busy as we drove out of town, but after that it was plain sailing.

7.       On your bike

Explanation: rude way to tell someone who is annoying you to go away; разкарай се

Example: Ben: Can you lend me the car for tonight?

                  Tim: On your bike, mate.

8.       Abandon/ leave/ desert  a sinking ship

Explanation: to stop being involved in something that is becoming less successful; да напуснеш потъващ кораб

Example: I hate to be the one to desert a sinking ship, but I can't work for a company that continues to lose money.

9.       Ships in the night

Explanation: people who meet for a short time of period and never meet again; като кораби в нощта

Example: We've had a guy renting our spare room for the last two months. We were worried it would feel crowded, but he works so much that we're like ships in the night with him.

10.   Sail through

Explanation: to do something or to deal with something very easily; справям се с нещо с лекота

Example: The kids just sailed right through the ice cream and cake. There was not a bit left.