Школа "Интензив"
Learning English with Vyara is fun

Learning English with Vyara is fun

Първо ниво-Level 1

Topic №1 - School


  • nouns - table, chair, carpet, door, window, pen, pencil, scissors, book, schoolbag, rubber, ruler, pencil case, whiteboard, classroom, school
  • - shut, open
  • –in, on, under


Come in, please!
Come here, please!
Get ready for …!
Sit down!
Stand up!
Open the door!
Shut the door!
Close the book!
Open the book!
What’s this?
This is a …


  • Pointing to flashcards on walls, putting flashcards into hoops.
  • Swapping places.
  • Running game: Children sit in a circle, each with a card. When the teacher says their word, they run around, outside the circle until they get back to their place.
  • Red, red, blue: Children sit in a circle. One walks around outside, saying a colour or name of an object as he passes each child, touching them on the head. At one point, he says a different colour or object and the child he touches as he says the new word has to run around the circle and try to catch the first child.
  • Guessing game – What’s this?
  • What’s missing? – Put a number of flashcards on the floor, face up. Children close their eyes and the teacher removes one card. “Open your eyes. What’s missing?”


Colour my world
Clour it red and blue
Clour it yellow too
Colour my world for me.
I’m blue like the blue, blue sky
I’m green like the green, green grass.
What’s in your schoolbag?

Exercise: What’s in my schoolbag? à I have got a book, a rubber, a ruler, a pen, a pencil

Topic №2 – Hello

Vocabulary and Activities:

I am … hello!
This is … Hi!
Name … see you!
My name is ...
My friend …
Have a nice day!
Good morning!

Q: How are you -->  A: Fine, thank you!

Games: Throw a ball to different children asking them what their name is.

Topic №3 – The family

Vocabulary: mother, father, brother, sister, baby, family, grandma, grandpa, pets (dog, cat, bird)


  • Posters “My family””- to introduce the members of the family
  • Rony’family: Q: Who’this? à A: This is Rony’s mum/ dad/ brother/ sister

Games: Guessing game: 1) Where’s mum/ dad …etc.
2) Who’s missing?


  • This is my mother
    Nice to meet you …
  • My family is cool

    Второ ниво - Level 2

    Topic №1 – The house


    nouns: house, room, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, cooker, fridge, sofa, television/ TV, bed, toilet, bath, shower, stairs, upstairs, downstairs, roof, garden, inside, outside, tree, flower

    questions: Q: Where’s …? à In the … (room);

    Q: Is it in the … (room); Is he/ she in the … (room)?
    A: Yes/ No, …


  • This is a wall. It’s yellow.
  • This is a window. It’s blue.
  • It’s a floor. It’s brown.
  • it’s a door. It’s green.
  • It’s a roof. It’s red.
  • Poster: “The house””- This is a house. This is my bedroom. This is my mum and dad’s room. This is a living room/ bathroom / kitchen/ basement/ garden


  • This is a house
  • Where’s Alvin? ... Where … over there?


  • Facial expression (mimic game): Where am I?
  • Swaping places
  • Runing game

What’s missing

Трето ниво – Level 3

Topic №1 – My body

Vocabulary: head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, arm, leg, hand, fingers, feet, thumb, tong



Shake your head!
Bend your knees!
Clap your hands!
Stamp your feet!
Wiggle your fingers!
Shrug your shoulders!
Touch your nose!
Touch your eyes!
Touch your ears!
Touch your hair!
Wash your hands!
Wash your face!


  • What’s the matter?
  • My head /leg, arm, eyes, ears/ hurt(s)hurts.
  • O, dear, let me see.
  • My head /leg, arm, eyes, ears/ hurt(s) right here
  • If you happy and you know it clap your hands …
  • Brush your teeth!
  • Brush your hair!


  • Ex. 1 - She/ He has got a small/ a big nose.
    She/ He has got small/ big eyes/ ears.
  • Ex.2 -  There is a leg on the foot.
    There is a body on the leg.
    There is a head on the body.
    There is a nose on the head.


Heads down, thumbs up
Using flashcards: Terry’s game – It’s a (head) or (arm)? – If the child guesses right, he can keep the card.
Guessing game – What is it? Whoever gets it right gets to be the teacher.
Swapping places – children sit in a circle, each child has a picture card. when the teacher says their word, they stand up and swap places with other child who has the same word.


Touch your …
Head and shoulders, knees ant toes …
Clap hand, follow me …

Topic - Christmas

Vocabulary: Merry Christmas, Christmas Eve, Happy New Year, Santa Claus, sleigh, reindeer, pudding, candle, christmas tree, present, candy cane, wreath, snowman, chimney, snowball, christmas star, christmas hat, ornaments, carol


  1. This is my sleigh. This is my reindeer. This is a Christmas tree (star, candle, candy cane, wreath, snowman, chimney, ornament)
  2. Q: What is it? à A: It’s a christmas tree (star, candle, wreath, etc.)


  • Q: What do you want for Christmas? A: I want a ball/ doll/ train/ etc.
  • Facial expressions
  • Snowman here, there, everywhere …


  • We wish you a Merry Christmas …
  • Happy New Year everyone