Школа "Интензив"
ENGLISH & ART - 2 IN 1 - The Teacher

ENGLISH & ART - 2 IN 1 - The Teacher

Школа Интензив организира работилница по разговорен английски ENGLISH & ART - 2 IN 1. Представя ме Ви Вашия учител - Ева – художник и скулптор.


Eva was born in Denmark and has always had an interest in art. When she was young she had an English/Art teacher, who taught drawing lessons in the style of the Betty Edwards method, which emphasizes the importance of targeting the right side of the brain with specialized exercises. This had a lasting effect on her as she observed how students with no art skills discovered ways to 'unlock' that special way of seeing that artists employ - and therefore often gaining an enhanced satisfaction with their own art work and art abilities.

Eva has been teaching this system to private students as well as in occupational therapy departments in the public health system in Britain, whilst also focusing on her own art practice that consists of predominantly people and pet portraits, abstract painting, ceramic sculpture, tile making, ceramic jewelry and more. Eva's personal art mission statement could be described as follows: "I want to keep asking questions of what I see and enjoy the process of expressing myself, even if this may lead me to unexpected outcomes."

In 2016 (after living 20 years in Britain) she moved to Bulgaria with her husband and is currently building her new painting and ceramics studio in a charming old barn in the very picturesque region of Dryanovo as well as beginning to learn Bulgarian, which she describes as a "charming language and a tough challenge!"

Eva holds a BA (Hons) degree in Visual Arts from University of Gloucestershire and has held solo and joint exhibitions in Denmark and Britain.