Школа "Интензив"
8 идиома в азбучен ред

8 идиома в азбучен ред

1) (to) go into business - to start a business; започвам бизнес (обикновено свой)

EXAMPLE : Jeff decided to go into business selling baseball cards.

2) good thinking - good idea; smart planning; добра идея

EXAMPLE: I'm glad you brought an umbrella — that was good thinking!

3 ) (to) have a heart of gold - to be very kind and giving; имам златно сърце

EXAMPLE: Alexander has a heart of gold and always thinks of others

before himself.

4) (to)  have got a sweet tooth – to like eating candies and pastries; обичам сладкото

5) Help yourself - serve yourself; вземай си без да е притесняваш

EXAMPLE: You don't need to wait for me to offer you something. Please just help yourself to whatever you want.

6) just what the doctor ordered - exactly what was needed; точно от това имам нужда

EXAMPLE: Martin wanted a hot drink after spending the day skiing. A cup of hot cocoa was just what the doctor ordered.

7) (to) make a bundle - to make a lot of money; ще спечеля много пари

EXAMPLE: Bob's friend Charles made a bundle in the stock market and retired at age 45.

8.) (to) pig out [slang] - to eat greedily; to stuff oneself; натъпках се, пръснаха се от ядене

EXAMPLE: Ted pigged out on hot dogs and hamburgers at the barbeque and then got a stomachache.