Школа "Интензив"
Упражнение с 8 идиома

Упражнение с 8 идиома

Черпим Ви с курабийка и Ви предлагаме да се поупражним малко.


Заместете изразът в черно по най-подходящия начин:

1) Thanks for baking cookies for me. You've got a heart of gold.

a) You're a very nice person.  b) You're a reliable person. c) You're very generous with your money.

2) I baked these cookies for you. Why don't you pig out?

a) Please take just one cookie. b) Take as many cookies as you like. c) Why don't you ever eat my cookies?

3) I know you'll like my cookies since you've got a sweet tooth.

a) your teeth are hurting  b) you don't like sweet things c) you like sweet things

4) You should go into business selling cookies.

a) You should go to the store and buy some cookies. b) You should try to get a job baking cookies. c) You should start a company that sells cookies.

5) I baked these cookies. Help yourself!

a) Let me get you one!  b) Take some! c) You need to get some help!

6) If you went into business selling these delicious cookies, you'd make a bundle.

a) you'd make many cookies  b) you'd make a lot of money  c) you'd make a few dollars

7) Good thinking!

a) That's a good idea!  b) It's good that you're thinking! c) Keep thinking good thoughts!

8.) I was thirsty. This iced tea is just what the doctor ordered.

a) exactly what my doctor recommended b) very healthy for me c) exactly what I needed 


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