Школа "Интензив"

English with Vyara form Christmas to spring

The House


1) nouns:  house, room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, fridge, sofa, cooker, television, bed, toilet, bath, shower, stairs, upstairs, downstairs, roof, garden, inside, outside, tree

2) prepositions of place: on, in, under; outside, inside

Grammar:           Where’ s the …?/ In the … (room) / Is in the … (room)?


  1. Different objects and characters are put into different rooms in a toy house/ a large picture of one and the children ask and answer

Where’ s the …? à In the … (room)

Is in the … (room)? à Yes, it is/ No, it isn’t

  1. The children point different rooms orname them as teacher points to each other
  2. Guessing game: Where is Ronny? à Hi is in the  bedroom/ bathroom/ kitchen/  living room
  3. To place different objects in the correctpositions in relation to furniture and house.
  4. Practise numbers form 1 to1 10


  1. Swapping places
  2. Running game
  3. Memory matching
  4. What’s missing

Songs: I’ve got a house

The weather

Vocabulary: season, spring, summer, autumn, winter, favourite, I love, I like, because, flowers, sun, rain, snow, hot, sunny, raining, snowing, cold, cloudy, sky, windy.

Grammar:  It’s … (hot, cold, cloudy, sky, windy etc. )

Are you hot or cold?

How are you feeling?  à I’m hot/cold/ happy/sad etc.


Ex.1: What’s the weather like today?

  • It’s hot.
  • It’s sunny.
  • It’s cold.
  • It’s raining.
  • It’s snowing.

Ex.2: What colour is the sky today?

  • The sky is blue today.
  • The sky is gray today.


  1. The children start to say what the weather is like pointing the poster of different kind of weather.
  2. As part of the daily routine the children start to say what the weather is like.

Guessing games: I’m mime.

Song:  What’s the weather like today?

Can you say?

Can you say?

It’s sunny … today.

It’s hot, It’s hot today.

It’s raining … today.

It’s snowing … today.

If you are happy and you know it

The sky is blue today.

I like the rain.



Vocabulary: season, spring, summer, autumn, winter, favourite

Ex.1: poster

Q: What’s the season?

A: It’s  spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter.


Q: What’s your favourite season?

A: My favourite season is …

Q: Why?

A: Because I love flowers (for spring)

Because I love sun (for summer)

Because I love rain (for autumn)

Because I love snow (for winter)


Q: What’s Erlina’s favourite season?

A: Erlina’s favourite season is spring.

Q: What’s Woody’s favourite season?

A: Woody’s favourite season is summer.

Q: What’s Alvin’s favourite season?

A: Alvin’s favourite season is autumn.

Q: Q: What’s Frosty’s favourite season?

A: Frosty’s favourite season is winter.

Song: My favourite season



Vocabulary: apple, pear, plum, strawberry, orange, lemon, banana, carrot, potato, tomato, pepper, grapes, fruit, vegetables, hungry, cake, biscuit, sandwich, chocolate

Grammar: I like …; I don’t like … ; Do you like …?


  1. Make an imaginary fruit salad withthe kids.
  2. The children point different fruit/ vegetables orname them as teacher points to each other. Saying “Do you like apples” and answering “No, I don’t / Yeas, I do.”

Games:                 “Red, red blue”


  1. What is yellow
  2. Five red apples hanging on a tree.
  3. Who made apples?

Story: The Very Hungry Caterpillar


My body


  1. nouns: head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, arm, leg, hand, finger, feet
  2. phrases: shake your head; bend your knees; clap your hands; stamp your feet; wiggle your fingers; shrug your shoulders; stand up, sit down; count your fingers – numbers from 1 to five


  1. possessive pronouns: my, your
  2. Where’ s …?
  3. Commands

Activities: Total physical response – children are doing actions, following the teacher’s example to begin with

Games:                 Simon says … touch  your head/ tummy/ eyes/ ears etc.


  1. Head and shoulders
  2. Hand upon your head
  3. I have two, eyes, two ears, one nose
  4. Clap hands, follow me
  5. I’m a little bear my name is Teddy…

Story: Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball