Школа "Интензив"

English with Diyana form Christmas to Spring

Topic 1: The weather and Seasons

Vocabulary: season, spring, summer, autumn, winter, favourite, I love, I like, because, flowers, sun, rain, snow, hot, sunny, raining, snowing, cold, cloudy, sky, windy.

Dialogue: Ex.1: What’s the weather like today?

  • It’s hot.
  • It’s sunny.
  • It’s cold.
  • It’s raining.
  • It’s snowing.

Ex.2: What colour is the sky today?

  • The sky is blue today.
  • The sky is gray today.



  1. The children start to say what the weather is like pointing the poster of different kind of weather.
  2. As part of the daily routine the children start to say what the weather is like.

Guessing games: I’m mime.

Song:  What’s the weather like today?

Can you say?
Can you say?
It’s sunny … today.
It’s hot, It’s hot today.
It’s raining … today.
It’s snowing … today.



Vocabulary: season, spring, summer, autumn, winter, favourite; M=monthsJanuary, February, March, April….

Ex.1: poster

Q: What’s the season?
A: It’s  spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter.



Q: What’s your favourite season?
A: My favourite season is …
Q: Why?
A: Because I love flowers (for spring)
Because I love sun (for summer)
Because I love rain (for autumn)
Because I love snow (for winter)



Q: What’s Erlina’s favourite season?
A: Erlina’s favourite season is spring.
Q: What’s Woody’s favourite season?
A: Woody’s favourite season is summer.
Q: What’s Alvin’s favourite season?
A: Alvin’s favourite season is autumn.
Q: What’s Frosty’s favourite season?
A: Frosty’s favourite season is winter.


Rhyme: Spring is here, spring is here
I love, I love this time of year.

Song: My favourite season


Topic 2: Clothes

Vocabulary: clothes, wear, boots, hat, cap, dress, jumper, jeans, jacket, coat, socks, shoes, trainers, shorts, trousers, skirt, T-shirt (diadem, hair-clasp)

Ex.1: Poster

Q: What is she wearing today?
Q:Is she wearing a blouse, skirt, socks, shoes?
Q:What is he wearing today?
Q:He is wearing trousers, T-shirts, shorts, socks.

Ex. 2: Dialogue: Q: What are you wearing today?     --> A: I’m wearing …

Ex.3: Song

I’m looking good.
I’m looking great.
I’m l wearing my new clothes.
I’m looking great.
From my fet up to my nose.


Ex.4: Take off, put on
Song. Get ready to go.
Get ready for fun.
Get ready everyone!

Ex.5: When is your birthday?
My birthday is in January.


Topic 3: My face and my body


  1. nouns: head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, arm, leg, hand, finger, feet
  2. phrases: shake your head; bend your knees; clap your hands; stamp your feet; wiggle your fingers; shrug your shoulders; stand up, sit down; count your fingers – numbers from 1 to five


  1. possessive pronouns: my, your
  2. Where’ s …?
  3. Commands


Shake your head!
Bend your knees!
Clap your hands!
Stamp your feet!
Wiggle your fingers!
Shrug your shoulders!
Touch your nose!
Touch your eyes!
Touch your ears!
Touch your hair!
Wash your hands!
Wash your face!


Story: - What’s the matter?
- My head /leg, arm, eyes, ears/ hurt(s)  hurts.
- O, dear, let me see.
- My head /leg, arm, eyes, ears/ hurt(s) right here


Ex. 1 - She/ He has got a small/ a big nose.
She/ He has got small/ big eyes/ ears.


Ex.2 -  There is a leg on the foot.
There is a body on the leg.
There is a head on the body.
There is a nose on the head.



Heads down, thumbs up

Using flashcards: Terry’s game – It’s a (head) or (arm)? – If the child guesses right, he can keep the card.

Guessing game – What is it? Whoever gets it right gets to be the teacher.

Swapping places – children sit in a circle, each child has a picture card. when the teacher says their word, they stand up and swap places with other child who has the same word.


Songs: Touch your …
Head and shoulders, knees ant toes …
Clap hand, follow me …
If you happy and you know it clap your hands …
Brush your teeth!
Brush your hair!


Topic 4: A sweet tooth

Vocabulary:  Chocolate, cake, lollipops, juice, sweets, jam, fruit, vegetables, carrots, potatoes, peas, tomatoes, pears, apples, oranges

Song: I’m a Sweet Monster
And I’ve got a sweet tooth!
I love lollipops and chocolate too.
I love jam and cake and juice.
I’m a Sweet Monster and I’ve got a sweet tooth.

Do you like chocolate?
Yes, I do.

Do you like sweets?
No, I don’t.

I like…. I don’t like….

Song: Rainbow food is good for you
Red tomatoes and apples too
Green peas, green pears
All for you
Orange for carrots and oranges too

Healthy food
Pears are good for you
Cheese is good for you
Apples are good for you
Milk is good for you


Rhyme: I like bananas, bananas, bananas,
I like bananas,
Give me some, please. (milk, apples…)


Topic 5: Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? /Animals and colours/

1) Wild animals: elephant, tiger, monkey, giraffe, dolphin, bear, lion, lizard, hippo, crocodile, snake, zebra, horse, spider
2) Farm animals: horse, sheep, cat, dog, hen, pig, cow
3) Other related words: desert, forest, river, jungle, farm, zoo

Grammar: What’s this? --> It’s a big horse. It’s an elephant ….

Story: Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?

Songs: "Brown bear, brown what do you see"

,, Big, little’’
,,The dog on the farm ”

What can they do?
A horse can jump
A cat can climb
A duck can swim
A bat can fly
A mouse can run.

What can you do? I can…


Rhyme: Down in the desert
What can I see?
I can see a camel /snake…/
Looking at me.

Down in the forest
What can I see?
I can see a bear /wolf…/
Looking at me.