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Bulgarian Language Lessons


School Intenziv is delighted to present to you its Bulgarian Language Lessons. In order to start speaking Bulgarian easier we have devised a practical approach and lessons tailored to your needs. The first lessons are without a textbook, then the teacher and the student together decide, if they are going to use one or not.

You learn even between the lessons. We encourage you to show us at the beginning of each lesson what you have learnt from TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, your neighbours and friends, then we’ll discuss it. We will give you the slang version of the words and expressions that you see in the books you learn Bulgarian form, it is useful and you could learn it only from a native speaker.

We will talk about different topics: everything in which you are interested, hobbies, politics, art, films, Bulgarian traditions, holidays, Bulgarian way of life, Business Bulgarian. In our lessons we will tell stories, discuss some themes, tell verses, rhymes, sing songs, there will be dialogues and role games, reading from books, and newspapers.

Some lessons could be held somewhere outside, because you should learn how to use the Bulgarian language outside the classroom: in the street, in the café, in the shop or supermarket, in the countryside ect.

Soon you will be able to:

  • Express your opinion, 
  • talk about your mood and preferences, 
  • tell stories and jokes, 
  • ask questions, 
  • understand when Bulgarians speak, 
  • read books and magazines, 
  • watch and understand Bulgarian news and films, 
  • write letters and notes, 
  • understand Bulgarian slang, 
  • improve your social skills in the Bulgarian environment, 
  • do Business in Bulgaria.

If you live in Bulgaria or you come here for your vacations and you want to be able to communicate with your neighbors, or you just want to talk Bulgarian school Intenziv is your place.